The 2-Coat Lie

Many painters will tell you that two-coats of paint creates the seal you need. However, many will deliver something other than what they promise. And, in this article we will tell you how this all came to be the most common lie in the industry.

“I’ll make sure your walls get two coats of paint,” say the painters.

BUT, will they?

Did you watch?

How can you be sure?

The truth is as long as your walls get visible coverage, many painters will skip the second coat. Painters usually decide to do this as the work unfolds. A second coat won’t change the look, so you don’t notice the difference. However, the painters know that if you had to choose between one-coat or two-coats of paint, you will choose two every time. This is why without hesitation ‘two coats‘ is uttered as reflexively as other marketing lies heard in different industries, such as ‘best in class‘, ‘four-out-of-five doctors recommend‘, ‘all-natural ingredients‘, etc.

What do these phrases even mean?

By now you’re probably asking yourself, “If two-coats is not the most important aspect of a paint job then what is?”

Glad you asked 🙂

The most important aspect is honesty. Getting the job done right requires communication.

  • Different brands of paint cover differently. Some get the look and coverage you need in one coat, some in two.
  • Hand brushing works the paint into the walls, requires less paint, and leaves a more protective seal on textured surfaces.
  • Spraying with a paint-sprayer require more paint. Not just for coverage, but the machine goes through more paint just to function properly.
  • Sometimes underlying material (wood, masonite, insulating material, etc.) has rotted or decomposed. Therefore, some structural repair, along with chalking, puddy, or spackle will be recommended.

All jobs required an eyes-on, close-up inspection. Follow-up by a diagnosis, discussion, and recommendation on different options to achieve a successful outcome. One that gets you the best results for your home for the best price.

We don’t just say ‘two-coats‘, that’s too easy. We enjoy interacting with you and share any insights that 25 years of experience of proper maintenance and painting brings. And in the end, even if you don’t use us for all the maintenance your home needs, we just want you to know that communicating them to you and having full-transparency is part of what brings us pride in our work.

Thank you for reading and have a lovely day! 🙂

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