Over 25 Years of Experience

Colopy Painting and Siding has been serving the Triangle area since 1994. We are proud to bring you quality painting and carpentry services, whether it’s painting, siding or deck staining, we make sure the job is done with quality craftsmanship for a fair price. This is our passion, one we’ve honed for almost 30 years to get it just right, because it’s not just a house, it’s your home. Let’s get it right the first time.

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Google Reviews

"Colopy Paint & Siding did an AMAZING job painting our exterior. Not only was Jon Colopy easy to work with and clearly knowledgeable, but he also went above and beyond in multiple ways. The paint crew were hard-working and quality-oriented. We could not have had a better experience."
- Siri S.
"Colopy Paint & Siding provides superior services for your interior or exterior jobs. Jon has been a “go to” paint resource for over 5 years. In that time he has never failed to offer quality workmanship at a reasonable price, pointing out and remedying any repairs needed along the way. Dependable, honest, affordable and detail-oriented. 5 star business professional."
- Eleanor H.

About Us

Jon Colopy is the head of Colopy Painting. He’s been serving the Triangle area since 1994, and continues to serve with quality service and a passion for his work. Jon grew up with the construction businesses in his family already, and so his dad’s passion slowly became his own and he learned the trade of painting, carpentry, and quality.  With over 25 years of experience, choose the right team for the job and choose Colopy Painting to help you with your next project today!


A layer of protection, to keep your home safe. Siding and trim can rot or break apart, leaking water into your home. If the siding or trim is not fixed before your home’s exterior is painted, moisture from leaks can damage the interior walls. To start, we remove any defective or damaged siding or trim from your home. This can be as small as one section or as large as your entire home. Then we expertly replace only what is necessary and leave any solid sections untouched. We go to extra lengths to make sure every weakness in your home is brought to your attention and made like new again; protecting your home for years to come.

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We pride ourselves in our transparent approach to letting you know everything we know. We go above and beyond in caring for your home and can provide you with our professional advice on everything from paint color to areas of preventative home maintenance that can help save you from costly repairs down the road. Working in residential home maintenance, we love helping out our customers any way we can. Sometimes that is as simple as sitting down with you to discuss all the options available to you.


Whether you’re color matching or changing color, we will help you along your way. No need to worry if you need some help deciding on the perfect colors, our team will work with you to get the look and feel you love. We have you covered completely with our through prep work; fixing holes, cracks and bumps to make it neat, then with your selected colors we paint each room professionally to give it an even finish.


Let’s bring new life to your home. Through normal wear and tear, paint on your home’s exterior can fade and peal, leaving your home exposed to the elements. An exterior paint job not only refreshes your home, it creates a seal to prevent any element or moisture damage. We start by cleaning the siding completely by pressure washing it then checking for any areas that may need extra help, such as caulking cracks or peeling paint. Then we proceed to paint all siding and exterior trim, which includes eves and overhangs, windows, doorframes, and shutters. We can color match with your previous look or customize for you something brand new, because it’s not just a house, it’s your home.


A fresh, new reason to be outdoors. We can apply any available stain, clear coat, or extra thick crack sealers that will make even some of the oldest wood look new. Any decking boards to be replaced? We can replace cracked and damaged boards before we add the new stain, so it looks and feels like a new deck.